quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

A mix of heroin whiskey bread

And someday I'll stop,
the feet will give up on my legs,
hands will fall to the floor,
my neck will break in a thousand pieces,
my hair will fly and fly away,
the nails will rot up,
my lips will dry and stay forever blue...

At night my stomach 'll scream for more of that alcohol,
my veins for more of that heroin,
my lungs will cry for just a bit of nicotine...

The barmen will miss me,
the dealers wont mind,
my friends (if i have them) would call me many times with no reply,

Girl get away I'm just a big trouble,

Will god ever forgive me?
Will i get a bed in heaven?
Will anyone keep my memories alive?
Will there be a statue of me, a street with my name?
Will i be a shadow of myself, for myself?

Eventually my empire will fall,
But till there I've got lots and lots to learn!

(Heroína, Uisque, pão, tabaco, oxigénio...)

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